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These are the websites that I frequent when I'm bored. Which is often. But, they're all pretty cool. So, yeah, check it out, yo.

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Wrestling Links

Well, obviously.

Total Non-Stop Action wrestling.  Not anything else.  You perverts.

...seriously, if you don't know what this site is, how'd you find me?

Rajah isn't always the most reliable of newsboards, but they get it right most of the time and they've got the least clutter of any of the wrestling newsites.

The Hardy Show

Despite the address, it's the HARDY Show...which also features Shannon Moore and a slew of other people.  Watch it.  WATCH IT NOW.

Comics Links

God I read a lot of comics online.


Two roommates, video games, a X-Bot, and more video games. Funny shit.

Video Game Cats

Video games and cats. Better than you think.

8-Bit Theatre

This is a sprite comic that is awesomeness in action.  Go check it out or else.  Hadoken!

Kevin & Kell

The webcomic Kevin & Kell, featuring a male bunny married to a female wolf.  For a silly comic, there's actually some pretty deep storylines involved.  Pleasant and updated daily.

Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures

It's not porn, I promise.  It's a nice webcomic with lots of magic, tragedy and stories liberally doused with humor.

Joyce And Walky

The archive here is intimidating but it's still an awesome comic.  Awesome enough to give me alien nightmares like I'm 11 again...


The same author as above, but this is about a toystore.  At the moment, at least.

Catena Manor

KITTIES!  KITTIES KITTIES KITTIES!  ...oh, also, gorgeous art and funny-if-weird storylines.  Mostly KITTIES though.

Faux Pas

I love the art, it looks like animation cels on every panel.  The non-Furry-regular-animal characters are cute, too.  Not that I have anything against furries, as my other links surely tell you.

Geez, I think that's all of them...

Other Fun Things

Because I have that much free time, apparently.

Ultimate urban legend website. Updated almost daily.

Waiter Rant

A waiter from NYC's thoughts. Sometimes deep, usually funny.

Uncanny X-Men

The best damn X-Men website, period.

TV Tropes

Bar none the biggest freaking timesink online.  Moreso than Wikipedia, I swear.  Fun, though.