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Pretty much your basic run-of-the-mill facts for now. I'll add onto this page as I think of things to put.

Known As: Mysty Glyttyr
DOB: August 6, 1982
Sign: Leo
Height: 5'6"
Eye Color: Gray
Natural Hair Color: Brown
Current Hair Color: Bright reddish-pink 
Occupation: Blogger, for now!
Political affliation: Conservative liberatarian (so the tests tell me)


Color: Pink (in case you really couldn't tell)
Food: Pepperjack cheese 
Drink: Dr Pepper
TV Shows: Wrestling, most cartoons, science and court shows 
Books: Wrestling biographies, science books, "Without a Doubt" by Marcia Clark
Movies: I'm really not a movie person, it seems... 
Wrestlers: Matt & Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Awesome Kong, Chris Jericho, Trish Stratus, Lita, Beth Phoenix, most of them, really
Sports: Wrestling...that's about it.


Color: all forms... 
Food: The four C's...cinnamon, caramel, carrots, and coffee.
Drink: Pepsi or anything alcoholic
TV Shows: What Not To Wear or any of its fashion Nazi clones
Books: Most fiction, for some reason
Movies: the "American Pie" series, "Scream" series, almost anything the Sci-Fi Channel makes that doesn't star Chris Jericho 
Wrestlers: Just the assholes.
Sports: Baseball